Do you look in the sky a lot??

And who’s to say I can’t write about happy shit?!

I just drove my fat ass home from the gym. That’s right. I have a gym membership… that I actually use. Me and D both do, actually. Kind of a New Year’s resolution thing, to get in better shape and whatnot. But shit. It’s the end of February, and we still go. Quite a lot. And we work hard. And we sweat. Today, I went by myself because my lady is at work, but I left a few minutes premature because I smell like garbage. I don’t know why I smell like garbage, but I do. Not always, just today. Like a 3-week-old ham and cheddar sandwich left in the sun, in a greenhouse. And I’m writing this before I even shower.

I’m making some taquitos. Because my stench is making me hunger for something that hasn’t yet rotted.

Anyway. Here is a video that I liked a lot. I’m putting it here because it is relevant to me and my blog and my life and my hopes and my dreams. Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaaaaaa!



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