Dude…. Mercury is in retrograde.

A lot of weird shit happening. Crazy people are looking a little bit crazier. The past is coming back to fuck with us (see also: me). Dreams are kind of boring, but super emotional and vivid and haunting.

I saw a message on facebook yesterday. It said “Are you the guy from The Love Campaign?” The message was dated February of 2012. So. Of course I wrote back.

I said “Just got your message from over a year ago. Weird. But yes. That’s me. Hello.”

The other party wrote back 10 minutes later and said “Wow! ….Mercury is definitely in retrograde.”

Basically, what this post is, is to acknowledge the fact that I used to be a bit of an astrology nerd but I know nothing about transits and retrograde stuff. But I want to learn.

Maybe if you’re reading this, you’ll put something insightful in the comments for me to read later? Teach me, teacher!

Worrrrrrrrd up.


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