Fire Waltz

I was sitting here, like, “I gotta write.” I’ve been thinking about it all day: excited, almost. So I’m sitting here, and I told myself, “I’m gonna, write, I need music.” Oh, crap. What to do, what to do. I need music. I thought, “What’s good writing music?” Before I really had time to think about it, the pretentious part of my brain says Eric Dolphy! So I go to Spotify and start looking at some ‘Classics’ collection from 2014, wondering in my head if I’m gonna be a dick and go straight for Out To Lunch. But then I see a song titled, ‘Iron Man’ and I thought it would be weird if Eric Dolphy time-traveled so he could cover a Black Sabbath song. I immediately click, just to make sure time-travel still isn’t a real thing yet. And I am instantaneously devoured by Eric Dolphy’s alto. I feel like a fucking joke of a Jack Kerouac impersonation, but this music is doing it for me. Whoa.

I got a Steel Reserve at the store on my way home from work tonight, wondering if I’d need it to get the juices flowing. But I don’t need it, apparently. Who would ever want to be that asshole? That drunk cliche in front of a typewriter and a cat and a dead plant, no good. Now that I’m thinking about it, however, and the sweet jams are lowering my inhibitions… well, it might be nice to loosen up with a cold, post-work malt liquor, right? RIGHT.

Okay, so I just deleted a meandering passage of poorly chosen words all about my relationship with jazz. I deleted it because it was shit. And no one cares. But, hey, I’ve got an idea. Here’s a link to what I’m listening to RIGHT NOW, so you can see how you feel about it, and maybe guess at how I feel about it:

By the way, shout out to WordPress for making it way easy to put up youtube links. I’m super rusty at this blogging shit, and it’s becoming clear that things are easier now than they were when I used to write this blog and have readers.

Well. Guess what. Today, I was waiting for a bus and my phone wasn’t charged so I had nothing to listen to besides the soothing sounds of two old white men talking about Donald Trump and how they think he’s the only candidate capable of bringing real change. One of them suggested that, “Hey, look at Israel. They have a wall around them, and a great military around the wall, and that is one of the safest countries in the world.” I shit you not. This is very solid paraphrasing on my part. I just silently laughed at them because I was on my way to work, and because they were both walking with canes and some motherfuckers keep swords in their canes, and also because I was pretty high and I genuinely found it funny. I know that’s not okay, but if I don’t stay very stoned and laughy, I have a hard time bussing through the madness that is downtown. Mind you, I’m a semi-introverted, urban misanthrope… Which brings me to my topic of the day:

Millennials are pretty cool, and they’re pretty much saving the world at the moment. I’ll make it brief today, for several reasons. It’s almost 3am, and I didn’t sleep enough last night. This millennial thing will probably be a theme here, as I regather myself, because it’s relevant and important. Young people are growing up, and the course of mass social discussion is changing like crazy, and people are coming up with amazing solutions to our problems every day. It’s wild. I feel like an old guy who’s just trying to keep up, but it all feels really positive and exciting.

For all the shit people talk about how young people are too sensitive, and spend too much time hunting for pokemon, you’d probably never hear a couple of 20-something talking about how great it would be if we became some completely inaccurate version of a safe/happy Israel.

Dude. Listen, I said I was going to write, I didn’t say it was all going to be good. I’m out of practice. Bear with me. I’m tired. But I’ll talk more about this tomorrow. You should trust me. There is a point. A method to the mania. I promise.

Here’s more good Jazz to keep you calm:


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