Informations & Disclaimers.

The only thing I really see when I stand back and look at this blog is that the author is confused… troubled. Life here is a mess. A stupid and hilariously painful, awkwardly brilliant mess.

Here are really the only two things you need to know, in order to survive this blog:

1.) I am volatile and frivolous. If you’re looking for coherence and articulation, you can fuck right off.

2.) When I post links to music that you can download, it is meant to help music fans find good artists that they have missed otherwise. And in effect, hopefully we’re finding these artists some new fans. I think every person should go out and buy records and tapes and CDs and books and posters and t-shirts and concert tickets. Advice to those who enjoy the music I post here: get the fuck up off of the internet, waddle your fat ass down to your local record store, and buy music the old-fashioned way. I promise, it’ll feel good.


2 Responses to Informations & Disclaimers.

  1. Flowervalley says:

    Well fuck you too. Haha.

  2. maylevy says:

    u seem cool

    <3 the internet

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