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Fire Waltz

I was sitting here, like, “I gotta write.” I’ve been thinking about it all day: excited, almost. So I’m sitting here, and I told myself, “I’m gonna, write, I need music.” Oh, crap. What to do, what to do. I … Continue reading

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Sticking your dick in my gravel pit.

Did you guys know that Russell Jones was/is my hero? I mean, he’s obviously not around anymore. But. The man was an innovator (for example… grillz, anyone?), and he was… without fail, he was himself. He did his thing, he … Continue reading

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Listen up!

That is all…

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I can’t escape that way.

OOOOOOH FUCK YEAH! I just got a mix cd in the mail from one of my very favorite people! So far, so good. I am now going to pack a bag. Take a shower. Shave my face. Brush my teef. … Continue reading

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So drunk in the August sun and you’re the kind of girl I like…

Shitting my pants! I can’t believe it’s all happening finally. I said in the beginning of summer, when I got my Pavement tickets, that waiting for this show would make my summer go quickly. And it did. REALLY quickly. It’s … Continue reading

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And the music was good, and the music was loud.

I really wanted to write something tonight. I’ve had a long and interesting weekend, and I’m in pretty good spirits. But it’s already midnight and I’m exhausted and a little hungover. It’s probably best if I just rub one out, … Continue reading

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To take on the world at all angles…

These are two mp3s. The first one is a new (newish?) song I wrote, I end up giving it a minute plus of rambly explanation in thebeginning of the recording itself. So. You can listen. Again, I envision a proper … Continue reading

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We kiss on the mouth, but still cough down our sleeves…

Am I allowed to make one post that covers two different topics that are completely irrelevant to one another? I think I can, right? I’ve probably done it before. Maybe. But I want to talk about my self, and then … Continue reading

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Playing pianos filled with flames…

I am listening to one of my favorite records ever, for the first time in months. It is called In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. It was made by a band called Neutral Milk Hotel in 1998. Now. It has … Continue reading

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I wrote a new song; I hate music sometimes.

This is a pretty special post because it will contain two distinctly opposed mp3s. Always fun. But first. FIRST!! Sorry about last night. I got drunk as fuck in my house. I was going to write like crazy. I even … Continue reading

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