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Do you look in the sky a lot??

And who’s to say I can’t write about happy shit?! I just drove my fat ass home from the gym. That’s right. I have a gym membership… that I actually use. Me and D both do, actually. Kind of a … Continue reading

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We can’t elope.

So, I don’t really neccessarily believe in these people. But. I’m in a position to write some songs for some cheesy pop acts, and get paid for it. I think this is perfect timing. With the whole “I am a … Continue reading

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And we can’t live if we’re too afraid to die.

It’s Friday and I am crazier than usual, I think. I am in a good mood: always leads to no good. I stopped in the liquor store next to work. To pick up a (very reasonably priced) fifth of Jim … Continue reading

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Sounds and colours and fresh produce.

It’s Tuesday! I’m in a good mood because I finally just got a decent, (almost)full-time job doing produce things in a health food store. And just yesterday, I was yapping about how I need to start taking the money thing … Continue reading

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Sex with aliens. Yay or nay?

I also think it’s important that I admit to the world that I regularly debate with myself about whether or not I’d make the sex with an alien, if I ever meet an alien. I am always thinking about the … Continue reading

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